A New Beginning

rpetras 3/2012

A Need Rises

It is 2010 and the small nation of Wherveristan is wiped from the map in a malevolent act of terror. Five cities, all populated with millions of people are consumed by fire.

The President of the United States had been considering reinstating a national super team at the request of his top military advisor Se.A.L., the former head of Retribution. There had been a feeling that things were too quiet, and that a planetary scale threat could not be far off. The destruction of Wherveristan was the trigger that set that convinced the President to form a new group.

A Team Forms

The United States had continued research into not only super soldier experiments, but also research in mystical artifacts, psychic powers, alien intelligences, human mutation and various technical advances. So gathering a team was not too difficult.

In the past, Retribution had answered directly to the President, but the team was volunteer, and served of their own accord. The new team would act more like a military branch, and while they would still report to the President, they would have a more normal chain of command, as well as equipment and active government sponsorship.

The new team would be based out of Philadelphia, giving them access to the northeast corridor. This location allowed them to be close to Washington, as well as New York. They could use a converted aircraft carrier in the navy yard as a headquarters. They would have a support staff, and equipment provided.

Over the last 2 years the team was compiled, trained, and set to task. The new team consists of :

  • Longinus - The eternal soldier, and team leader.
  • Chance - Expert marksman
  • Vamp - Energy vampire
  • Valkyrie - Norse warrior powerhouse
  • Reaper - Wielder of a mystic weapon
  • Se.A.L. - Commanding officer