D6 Systems Tools, Rules and Data

General info

I had played WEG D6 Star Wars in college, but got away from it for a long time.

I've always had a fondness for the game, and as a Star Wars fan, of course, I enjoy the setting.

I was planning, at one point to play a wounded soldier, who had undergone full cybernetic conversion. As WEG never provided decent rules for doing this I wrote some up!

These rules are based HEAVILY on Mike Lynes Cybernetics for D6 Appleseed, but with a number of alterations.

I also have a D6 die roller with a corrected RAND/ROUND function. The die roller was created by Adrian Parker, and I found it online. I merely corrected the math (a pet peeve of mine). The link to contact him no longer seems to function, so if anyone who knows him stumbles upon this, let him know

Expanded Rules


  • Die Roller - pops to new window
  • Character Sheet - Character sheet featurs auto population of Skill "D" and pips based on the stat. These can, and will be overwritten when you add your additional dice to the skills, but it is nice to have them done the first time.
    As usual it is in Open Office format. If you don't have Open Office, go get it! It is a complete and free office suite and it will allow you to share your work with people regardless of whether they use Win, Lin or Mac, as it runs on all 3.


  • D6 Holocron - Possibly the finest collection of data for the SW D6 universe, including character templates, weapon stats and the various "crunchy bits" WEG spread over 100+ books.
  • D6 Appleseed cybernetics rules - Written by Mike Lynes, and used as the basis for my SW D6 cybernetics rules presented on this site.
  • RPG Now's bundle page for modern D6 - This s the current incarnation of the D6 system. It is no longer branded as Star wars, and the download bundle includes rules for Adventure and Fantasy as well. At the time I added this link, the bundle was free of charge.
  • krapz.free.fr - Fan books and resources
  • Echani race