Power Category: Intense Training

I have played Heroes Unlimited for well over 15 years and have never, in all
 that time created, much less played a Physical Training character. In some
 part, I'm sure this is because it is more interesting to create and play a
 character with fantastic powers. But it has to be more than this. I think I
 just don't like the category, it has no substance.  The other non-super
 categories of heroes, Special Training, and Hardware at least offer a
 character which has some flavor, something interesting.  While they are not
 pushing mountains with their minds, or blasting craters with their eyes, and
 perhaps can not "hang" with some of the more powerful characters, they can hold
 their own and more importantly are fun to play.

 The question is now, how can Physical Training characters become more fun to
 play? I believe it is with a combination of special abilities, some already
 attributed to this category of heroes, borrowing some abilities from the
 Special Training and Hardware categories, and mixing in a few specially
 selected super abilities to boot. Because this category crosses paths with both
 Special Training and Hardware, I am inclined to merge them into one category.

 Step One - The Basics:
 Roll the eight(8) attributes as normal. Roll an additional 1D6 for four of the
 attributes, player's choice. If this pushes the attribute over 16, do not roll
 any additional dice. Of course if the attribute was already over 16 you should
 have already take an additional 1D6.

 Step Two - HP & SDC
 Begin with 30 SDC and HP equal to PE + 1d6.

 Step Three - Powers and Abilities:
 As one might expect, the Intensive Training hero does not draw his powers from
 any source other than his own time, effort and training. This can be made
 manifest in a variety of ways. These can be mental and physical disciplines
 that mirror some super abilities. They can be skill groups not available to
 normal characters. Extreme martial arts training, or, at the GMs discretion,
 they can be fantastic abilities that draw in the character's inner force or
 chi. The character begins with 10 points to spend on special skills and
 abilities. This can be adjusted by not taking a formal martial art.

 Special Skill Packages:
 Available to this character type are a list of special skill packages formerly
 associated with other power categories.
 Any one of the "Hardware" special skill packages are available for six (6) points.
 A Second Hardware special skill package may be selected for four (4) points.
 Any of the Special Training packages, except Ancient Master, are available for four (4) points.
 The Ancient Master can effectively be "bought up" with skill points.  If you wish for the 
 specific extra skills listed with the Ancient Master, except the selection of the minor super 
 ability, that will cost two (2) points.  
 Be aware that educational, or other restrictions may prevent certain categories from coexisting.  
 Any non-basic skill package is available for two (2) points.
 Any basic skill package is available for one (1) point.
 Note: Skill packages can NOT be traded for Martial arts, see below.

 Martial arts:
 The character automatically begins with one of the martial arts from N&S, Mystic
 China or the Natural Combat Ability power.
 The player can trade this for a H-H type other than basic for +1 power point.
 The player can opt for H-H basic for +2 power points
 The player can opt to trade in all fighting skills for +4 points. In this case
 the character has NO H-H fighting skills and begins with only 2 att/melee.

 Alternatively, the character can begin with MORE martial ability.
 Natural Combat Ability II, costs an additional (1) point.
 The below options are disallowed if the player has opted for Natural Combat
 ability or a reduced H-H type.
 The player can opt to add an additional martial art for the cost of 2 points.
 This can be taken multiple times, but as described in N&S the player can not
 use more than one form simultaneously.
 The player can begin with a higher level of martial skill. Add +1 level to one
 of the character's martial arts for one (1) point.

 Non-powered powers:
 Some Super Abilities that are used in HU are excellent candidates as abilities
 that could be employed by otherwise normal, but highly trained or just
 especially gifted characters. Intense Training Heroes that select powers from
 this list have a few traits in common.  Since these powers are the result of
 training, or just unusually good but normal traits these powers can not be
 stolen or power dampened. It is also not possible to copy these "powers" in the
 same way as a normal hero or mutant.  That means super powers like "Negate
 Super Abilities" and "Mimic" can not work on this hero.  Note that a mimic can
 still copy attributes like PS and SDC, and abilities that can copy or control
 one's mind may be able to use, control or inhibit mental "powers" like

 List of Non-Powered Abilities:
 Incredible Luck (4)
 Natural Combat Ability (Taken in place of martial art)
 Divine Aura (3)
 Adrenaline Surge (2)
 Battle Rage (2)
 Danger Sense (2)
 Feral (2)
 Giant (2)
 Heavy Weight (2)
 Immune to Magic (2)
 Immune to Psi (2)
 Increased Durability (2)
 Lightning Reflexes (2)
 Living Anatomy (1)
 Mechanical Awareness?
 Motion Detection?
 Multitasking (2)
 Physical Perfection (2)
 Unnoteworthy (2)
 Armor Piercing (1)
 Abnormal Energy Sense?
 Animal Brother (1)
 Bookworm (1)
 Criminal Intuition (1)
 Energy Resistance? (2)
 Extraordinary IQ (1)
 Extraordinary ME (1)
 Extraordinary MA (1)
 Extraordinary PS (1)
 Extraordinary PE (1)
 Extraordinary PP (1)
 Extraordinary PB (1)
 Heightened Sense of Awareness (1)
 Heightened Sense of Balance (1)
 Heightened Sense of Hearing (1)
 Heightened Sense of Recall (1)
 Heightened Sense of Taste (1)
 Heightened Sense of Time (1)
 Heightened Sense of Touch (1)
 Hold Breath (1)
 Horror Factor (1)
 Impervious to Control and Possession (2)
 Impervious to Fear and Terror (2)
 Impervious to Shadows and Darkness (2)
 Iron Will (2)
 Life Sense (1)
 Living Anatomy (1)
 Longevity (1)
 Sleeplessness (1)
 Speed Tasking (1)
 Super Vision: Advanced Sight (1)
 Super Vision: Nightvision (1)
 Super Vision: Paranormal Sight (1)
 Super Vision: UV & IR Sight (1)

 Combat Techniques:
 Some Intensive Training characters can tap into deep, sometimes mystical,
 powers. The availability of these powers to an Intensive Training character
 will depend on the flavor of the campaign and the interpretation of the GM.
 Combat Techniques are generally more "four color" than the Non-Powered
 abilities. They exist to allow for some of the more amazing and mystical powers
 often attributed to extreme martial artists. While the Chi abilities in N&S
 cover many of these powers in a low powered game, it is more appropriate to use
 some of the super abilities in a supers or higher powered campaign. For these
 powers it is up to the GM to decide if the powers are subject to the
 non-powered abilities rules that negate copying, stealing and mimicking.
 While any super ability may be considered a Combat Technique, generally these
 should be confined to minor super abilities, like EE powers.

 Points for money:
 At the GM's discretion the non-powered hero can trade points for starting
 money. This money can be used to buy starting gear and, if allowed, robotics
 and cyber enhancements. Each point can be traded for a whopping $1.5 million
 dollars for gear. Note that this is a ONE TIME dollar figure. The player can
 choose to invest the sum, but it is more sensible to use the "Bankroll"
 customization below to generate a wealthy character.

 Some characters can start financially well off. This money can be used to fund
 crimefighting and buy gear and materials. When purchased through points, GMs
 are discouraged from denying funds and resources to a player based on their
 wealth level of course.

 Financially Stable (1) : Character works, but not day in day out 9-5. Has
 starting monies of $100,000 to spend and a monthly disposable income of $5,000.
 May have 1-2 Mil available but not liquid. Has a good deal of basic equipment
 on hand including a late model car or two.
 Well off (2) : Character works, but only needs to "check-in" about once a week.
 Starts with $500,000 and has a DI of $10,000 per month. Has 5-10 Mil in hard
 Rich (3) : Character works little, his money does the work for him. May need to
 check in on investments occasionally. Has a cool Million to spend on a base,
 vehicles and gear. DI reaches $20K per month. 20-50 million in assets.
 Wealty (4) : Starts with $1.5 million to outfit a base, vehicles and gear. DI
 up to $50K monthly. 60-100 million in non-liquid assets.
 Billionair (6) : Has more money than can be spent in several lifetimes. These
 are the Tony Starks and Bruce Waynes of the world, defined as much by their
 skills as their wallets. Have access to extreme high tech, and likley own
 several key tech companies. On the flip side these people are known, if not
 flat out celebrities in their own right. Begin with $3 million for gear, and
 over $100K monthy to spend on upgrades, repairs and replacements. Begins with
 tons of "basic" stuff. These characters make a great basis for cyborg and
 robotic backers and inventors. Can come up with billions if necessary.

 Step Four - Education and Skills:
 The non-powered hero can begin from any educational background. Don't worry if
 there are only a few starting skills, as noted above, this hero has access to
 many levels and types of training.

 Step Five - Equipment and Money
 These are the same as any basic character, but may be augmented above.