Shield, intergalactic thief and high priced muscle for hire.

Shrouded in a steel-like carapace Shield's under body is already as solid as a rough hewn diamond. But these are the traits of his space-faring race. Incredible strength and armor so tough that it can withstand the silicate storms of his harsh homeworld.

But Shield is a more than just an alien. He is a mutant of his own race. In addition to the natural toughness of all his kin, Shield has the ability to slow the molecules of his body, and those around him to generate a bone chilling cold. In earth's moisture-rich atmosphere, he can create walls and blasts of ice. More frightening than that, by lowering his internal temperature to far below freezing, he can stop nearly all molecular motion, making him virtually indestructible.

Shield was a criminal that plagued the galaxy for many years. Finally brought down by one of his own race, an intergalactic bounty hunter who would be known on Earth as "Gargantuan", he was being transported to a waiting specially designed prison. Shield was being kept under powerful heat cannons to cancel out his powers, but he was playing possum! The heat did virtually nothing, and he was given enough time to concoct a plan. After a mighty brawl, killing nearly all the guards, he was able to tear a hole in the side of the ship and push himself out into space towards a planet they were passing.

With the guards dead, the ship crippled and nothing but the vastness of space between himself and his new home, Shield froze himself into a state of stasis for nearly 2 years while gravity did it's work and crash landed him into Earth.

Surviving reentry without even a scratch, he began to take to his old ways causing trouble for the heroes of earth while looking for a ride off this "backwater dump".

Finally picking up with a local villain calling himself Sword, due to his choice of weapon. As Shield calls it, his "magic pig-sticker". They nearly brought about WWIII by commandeering a loaded nuclear sub in the pacific. They were stopped by the heroes of the super team Retribution. Shield managed to get away by nearly tearing off the wing of the team's leader, buying him enough time to escape.


Shield is a ML Abomination, with arms, feet and armor from Onslaught scraps.
The dreadlocks come from an ML Blackheart, but the face is an unknown alien I picked up in an auction lot. If anyone can ID it please post!

The color is 5 coats of various greys to blue, ending in tamiya metallic blue.