Greth Grueslayer: Pilot/Infiltrator


Greth was born on the Epicanthix homeworld of Panatha. Panatha is world where no localized systems of government had developed. Because of this, many thousands of individual tribal groups exist, each lead by their own leaders, warlords or monarchs, and the groups are prone to constant fighting with neighboring tribes.

Martial skill and fighting prowise is revered on Panatha, and the constant tribal conflict produces some of the galaxy's finest warriors. Of course, the down side of the constant conflict, and small localized governments is that the development of new technologies is slow.

The Epicanthix are often intrigued by the new cultures and experiences which can be found off-world. Once they are away from the conflict of their home many find they have an interest in languages, cultures and trade.

Greth is no exception. He was one of his tribe's best fighters, but he wished to explore the galaxy, and at the first opportunity hopped a freighter off-world. He joined with the New Republic military as a marine, where his hand to hand skills could come into play. But, during a mission where their pilot was killed, Greth was able to take the controls, and falling back on the basic flight training afforded to some marines, and pilot his team to safety.

His desire to learn led him to enroll in flight school, and he earned his wings. He was assigned to the "Avenger", and has participated in several battles.

He is motivated by a desire to experience the galaxy, and the assignments of a pilot afford him an opportunity to see the galaxy.

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