Opening Volley

rpetras 2/2012


  • Longinus
  • Valk
  • Chance
  • Reaper
  • Vamp


Players are members of a government sponsored super team, organized to dispose of world class threats. They are the next incarnation of a team, Retribution, that acted at the direct request of the President of the United States. That team disbanded after several members were maimed or killed stopping one of their main foes, a beast known as Shield, who was thought to be unstoppable.

The characters have been a group for approximately 1 year, and in that time no world class missions have come up. They have helped with peacekeeping, and disaster relief efforts around the world, but recently members of Congress (led by Jeff Bingaman(D - NM) and Dan Akaka(D - HI)), and the media (blogger & radio personality Mike Marsh) have been discussing if there is a need for such a super team. Billions have been poured into the group to find them, and outfit them.

That need will become apparent soon enough.

It is an evening in summer, and the group gets a priority message that there has been an explosion on Schuylkill Ave near the transportation yard. A truck escaping the scene overturned near Alcorn Elementary School, near a residential area. Specifically at the intersection of S Patton and Dickinson. Massive damage has begun to occur, and there are reports of rampaging monsters. The first task for the heroes is to asses the situation, stop the destruction and save lives.

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