Ghost Ship

rpetras 4/2012


  • Longinus
  • Valk
  • Chance
  • Creeping Death (formerly Reaper)
  • Wraith (formerly Vamp)


Only a few days have passed since the attack at the Eugenics lab. The team has gotten little from their prisoner, Raptor. He continues to maintain that mutants are being captured and killed for study, and harvesting their organs to run the eugenics experiments. He claims to know nothing about any other research facilities, or any potential attacks. Since the incident is over, he inadvertently lets slip that the attack was being planned for about 6 months. He knows little of the details of the planning, that was Rodent's job, he is apparently, the brains of the operation.

Aside from finding that Raptor is a zealot, and loyal to his cause, there is not much that can be dragged out of him. The players can ask any specific questions they like, as he has been available to them for a few days.

On the air, Mike Marsh continues to belittle the efforts of the team, and the apparent loss to the M.L.F. (even though they captured one of them) offers no end to his talking points. It does not help that two separate news choppers were at the scene. Footage was captured of several events, including Rodent escaping under the bridge, presumably to set the charges that covered their escape, and Valkyrie being taken down by Kodiak and Pachyderm.

He has even procured a cell phone video of her "splashdown" which he has on continuous loop on his website.

The team is aboard their HQ, a refitted aircraft carrier the USS Forrestal. It is night, about 1 AM when they hear a scream coming from one of their own cabins.