The beginnings of the Super team Retribution

rpetras 2/2012

The first Mission

Retribution was formed in 1988 at the specific request of the president of the United States. Se.A.L, was created through a government experiment, and his history in the military made him an obvious choice to lead a super team. He used his contacts in the supers community to round up a team. The original team, consisted of : Se.A.L., Genesis, Dragon Lord, Disciple and Reformer.

A team of super villains managed to steal an experimental stealth submarine loaded with weapons giving it nuclear launch capability. Retribution was issued a special submarine designed to attach to larger subs, called a Lamprey. The stolen sub, was named "The Whale" because it gives off a radar signature that appears to be an actual whale. Using the lamprey vehicle, the team was able to sneak aboard the target.

This was the first time the team encountered the villain duo, Sword and Shield, who would turn out to be a persistent threat for the duration of the team. In addition Sword and Shield were working with ??? and ???. The villains had set themselves up with heartbeat monitors that, if they were to fail, would launch the nuclear arsenal at points around the US.

In the fray, Sword was killed (also a theme that would be recurrent), ??? lost his arm, and ??? was subdued. Shield retrieved Sword's mystic weapon, and was able to escape by walling up Se.A.L. in a doorway using his ice powers, but not before crushing Seal's wing, buying him time to escape.

The wing was fixed with the help of Genesis, who, fortunately, is a surgeon. The government let the team keep the Lamprey vehicle.