Retribution Goes to Washington

rpetras 3/2012

A Troll on Capitol Hill

It is 1989, and the team roster has changed. Due to the birth of his son, Genesis takes a background role, becoming the team's medic, and turning over front line duties to newcomer, Freefall. Reformer becomes a part time member of the team, splitting the role with his brother, Rake, and the wielder of cleansing hellfire, The Preacher Punk.

The President calls upon Retribution to investigate a plot to overthrow the government. Because the team works at his direct request, he can trust that they are not influenced by political forces outside his control. Indeed, dark creatures have infiltrated high positions of power.

An ancient force had disguised his minions as members of congress. Subhuman races, Trolls, Minotaurs and Giants were placed as puppets doing the bidding of their lord, Romulus. Romulus is one of the two legendary founders of Rome. Born a demigod, he was already as powerful as most heroes. At some point in his life, he had gained immortality by becoming a vampire. Using his long, long life to become a powerful practitioner of magic, he spends his eternity challenging mankind. Feeling that the world was becoming weak, he decided to shake the foundations of modern society by destroying the most powerful nation.

Retribution ferreted out and slayed many of the creatures, including one frost giant of the race of Algore, who was not-so-cleverly disguised as a Senator from Tennessee. (Yes, in this reality, "An Inconvenient Truth" was never created)

After destroying most of the monsters, the team was spirited away to Romulus' dimension. He praised the team, and said it gave him hope that such powerful creatures as they were once again roaming the Earth. They were returned home with the warning to "Stay strong", for Romulus would be watching.