A Nation Falls, A Need Rises

rpetras 3/2012

A Nation Rises

It is 2002 and a small middle eastern nation of Wherveristan is experiencing a civil war. The country is of little consequence, with it's main export being opium and poverty. However, it's location nestled between the borders Pakistan and India, makes it something of a strategic location, or at least one to be watched.

The world is not focused on the little country, with larger prizes being fought for in Iraq and Afghanistan. But a military leader, Ra-Iss Aadeem, is making great strides to liberate his people and bring them out of the backwards world in which they live, and into the modern world.

Aadeem's tactics are, at times, a bit harsh, but he works to overthrow an oppressive regime. If he succeeds, at worst the world will look on him as more of the same.

It is 2006, and Aadeem has succeeded in his bid to take over Wherveristan. He is as good as his promises, and immediately begins to drum out the opium traders. He courts the international community to send aid, especially in the form of teachers, so he can educate his people, making them a productive society. He courts bankers to lend money, so he can found new cities. Cities that will be modern cultural centers. While not metropolitan megastructures, like New York or Dubai, the new cities begin to take shape. Each with a university, each geared to a specific trade; manufacturing, computing, textiles, and the like. People begin to complain they get too many Werveristanis on tech support calls. Jay Leno makes jokes about it.

All in all, 3 new cities are founded, in addition to 2 older cities that get some of the modern trappings. Also, a capital "city" is also formed. More like a large complex, and tourist destination than a full city, the new capital is located central to all of Wherveristan's cities.

A Nation Falls

It is 2010, a cool night, April 28th. In a simultaneous act of terror, all 5 of Wherveristan's budding cities are destroyed. Consumed by fire, and rocked by explosions millions perish. Hours later, the capital is destroyed in a similar manner. Ra-Iss Aadeem is killed when the palace is destroyed.

It is assumed that it is the act of a powerful super being, or beings.

Wherveristan, as a nation, is no more. It's land and remaining people split between India and Pakistan. International aid and mourning pour out. This nation on the rise cut down before it could truly prosper.

A Need Rises

The President of the United States had been considering reengaging a national super team. For some time Se.A.L. had been warning him that things were too quiet, and that a planetary scale danger could not be far off. This was the trigger that set that action in motion.