A Hero Falls

rpetras 3/2012

Disciple's Story

It is 1990 and Retribution is the premiere hero team in the world. One member, Disciple, gathers his abilities from the mystic sword he wields. The sword, whose name translates to "The Fang of Pith", however, has plans for the unsuspecting hero.

Disciple had become increasingly aware of a voice instructing him, leading him, guiding him. That voice came from the sword. It led him to victory, time and time again, so it was not beyond him when the voice asked for sacrifices. At first, these were small. Burnt offerings of food. Then small animals. The voice grew, as did it's demands.

Soon, it had set a plan in motion, and Disciple, the willing participant, had made plans to bring the sword's true master, Pith the Serpent god, to Earth. This would take a major sacrifice, at the mystic pit of serpents to accomplish.

Disciple led two of his team, Se.A.L. and Freefall into a cavern, planing to sacrifice them to Pith. It was a small price to pay for the return of his god. Pith, of course, would not make the journey easy. Creatures of all sizes were thrown in their way. But after much fighting, the three were led to a set of heavy oak doors, like those of an ancient cathedral. Behind those doors, was a large room, hewn from rock, and in its center was a large stone well.

When a voice echoed from the well, "Feed them to me, for I hunger!", Se.A.L. immediately recognized a double-cross. Ordering Freefall to "Get him", meaning Disciple, "away from that pit, NOW!". Freefall complied, tossing Disciple against the oak door with full force, and high speed forgetting his strength. Disciple lay crumpled on the floor.

Before they could leave, serpents attacked from the pit, and in the process of the fight dragged Disciple's body below. He was not seen again.