Ever since the Classics line came out, I wanted a full set of all the versions (at least all the common versions) of Cliffjumper and Bumblebee.

For those who may not recall, waaaay back in 1984 when the original transformers were released, the characters of Bumblebee and Cliffjumper were both available in red and yellow. These are generally referred to as Bumblejumper and Cliffbee (or is it the other way around). There was also a much more elusive version, which was a different car mold entirely, that is often called Bumper.

Of course, I wanted them to each have their own flavor, so I tried to give each some unique traits, even though the classics line used the exact same cars for 'Bee and 'Jumper.

Bumblebee (all yellow) - A simple paint removal from the classics line Bumblebee with yellow paint covering the white stripes on the roof. Removed the spoiler to alter his lines a bit and swapped out the silver shoulders for black ones. Matches his G1 incarnation.

Cliffjumper (all red) - A simple paint removal from the classics line Cliffjumper with red paint covering the silver on the roof. Added a cast head from Valkfan and some detail around the grill. Matches his G1 incarnation. Taking the paint off the lights left a set of cool smoke gray tinted lamp covers too!

Bumblejumper (yellow, black stripes) - Walmart exclusive bumblebee from the evolution 3 pack. Loved his color scheme, but with no extra Valkfan head, I hacked and slashed the included jetski for parts to create a Cliffjumper head.

Cliffbee (red with silver) - Mostly a straight up Cliffjumper. Swapped out the black shoulders and red spoiler for silver to match his flame job. I couldn't just leave him stock.

Bumper (Yellow with white stripes) - Body is a straight Classics Bumblebee, but he is my first mold and cast job. I cast, then modified an Energon Rodimus head for him.

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